Fascia Installation: 
New facias are made of fiberglass and install using original hardware and/or hardware provided with the kit. No two parts are identical on the back side, due to the nature of the fiberglass construction process, so no two installations ever seem to be exactly the same. But the exterior looks just like the GM designers intended and when properly installed, will give years of satisfactory service.

Installation is not as easy as the original rubber parts. We strongly recommend a full installation and adjustment of the parts prior to painting as with fiberglass, there will almost always be some trimming, drilling, filling and finish work required to get nice results with properly aligned gaps, seams and surfaces.

Some filing will be needed on the grill openings (minimal on `73s, more required on `74s and `75s). A small 3/4" drum sander on a power drill makes quick work of this. Due to the difficulty of replicating the cross section of the thin spans between the grill openings on `74 and `75 units, they are made thicker than original on the back side. This method adds strength to the span areas and decreases risk of damage in handling, shipping, and installation. Because of this difference, careful removal of the plastic ridges on the actual plated grills is needed for the grills to fit properly and there is no easy way to do this quickly outside of a machine shop. So plan to spend a little time for grill modification unless you have access to a machine shop. This modification will not be detectable once installed if done carefully.

Sometimes common filler material will need to be added to the facia to get perfectly matched surfaces and reflections where it aligns with the fenders. Fiberglass is forgiving material. It is easy to grind, sand, goof up and repair if needed. It is also fairly easy to repair should you ever have a minor fender-bender. The key to a great installation is patience. We've installed many units. In our experience, test fittings have taken as little as 5 hours and as much as 16 hours not including prep for paint and painting. Sometimes, more time is needed if your car's fenders and bumper have been previously damaged, repaired, loosened or re-aligned. Installation time also will depend somewhat on your experience and comfort level with fiberglass parts.

Facias are delivered through UPS Ground and cost is usually about $190-$210 to business addresses and $5-$10 more for residential addresses. Delivery is 4-5 days from the time that the part is dropped off at their depot. There is no charge from us for handling. Kits come in one big box that measure 74" X 22" X 12" and weighs roughly 20lbs.

We ship international orders too and shipping cost varies per order. Shipping will be quoted prior to delivery. International customers are responsible for any taxes and duty fees at destination terminal or depot.

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